WAHL Balding Clipper


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WAHL Balding Clipper

The 5-Star Series WAHL Balding Clipper is a real barbershop must-have!

With a powerful electromagnetic engine cutting as fast as two rotating engines, the Balding Clipper offers barbers and barbers a close-cut with surgical precision. Making it perfect for fast, accurate, and effortless fades that easily cut through all hair types. Due to the extra short length of the cutting blade (0.4mm), the Wahl Balding Clipper cuts really close to the skin.

  • Accurate full-size trim blade
  • Ideal for alignment and contouring
  • Creates even lengths using clipper attachment combs

The 5-Star Series Balding Clipper measures 16cm long and weighs 610 grams. This device features a 2.4 meter, professional-grade, chemically resistant cord and a # 02105 (6×0) cutting blade, V5000+ electromagnetic engine, and operates at 230 volt / 50 hertz. Perfect for tight fades with this unique clipper.


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