Detailer Corded


WAHL Detailer Trimmer T-Wide 38mm

Our most popular trimmer is now available with a wider cutting blade!
The WAHL Detailer Trimmer T-Wide is a powerful trimmer from the Five Star Series. This is a very short shaving tool (0.4mm) and is suitable for a professional who likes to refine his work. This trimmer is less suitable for customers with sensitive skin, such as older people and children.
The Double Wide T-Blade is designed with a 6-millimeter longer cutting blade (38mm) than the Wahl Detailer Trimmer Original.
The WAHL Detailer Trimmer T-Wide is a powerful trimmer, ideal for continuous use. Equipped with a rotating motor for longer life. Due to its narrow size, the Detailer T-Wide is also a perfect fit for the smaller hand.
  • Good cord protection
  • Short shaving model (0.4mm)
  • For the professional with an eye for detail

WAHL Detailer Trimmer T-Wide 38mm instructions:

What you have to pay attention to at all times is that you touch the skin with the (bottom) of the cutting blade, this prevents the upper movable blade from touching the skin. Let’s say keep the hair clipper upside down and press against your skin; then you will have to ensure that the bottom (where the cord is) points up (elbow up).

If you keep the bottom of the trimmer down, with your arm along your body, then the moving part of the cutting blade will touch the skin first and you will have the chance that the trimmer will damage the skin.


Detailer Corded


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